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Youth population :  In this world there are 7.4 billion world population in that 1.8 billion people of  between the age of 10 to 25 years of age .   41% of youth on India .Every where there is full crowded . you will fill like lost in this universe.there is competition every field .One person has to struggle hard to feed their stomach.

Illiterate &literate: On this universe about 17% of world population are Uneducated and 83% are being educated . But there is still slaves of their stomach. In many palace there is still believe on superstitious.                                                                                                                                       

#1Jobless and failure: 

 many people are jobless and they are found on road side without any outcome.why not they try for betterment . failure person loss their hope leave every activities on God that if possible on will so His miracle.but if you not work hard how it can be possible. There should be strong determination until you get success.

#2How this days youth spend there time :

1. Drinking which is mean reason to walk toward backward of their life.
2. movie show which is also main reason to towards downfall. Mostly people like those movie which is not giving any knowledge 3. Gambling is also one of the worst 
""Toward success there should be strong determination,sacrifice, full time giving 

toward their aim and motto at last hard  work."" 

credit goes to Oraon  Pradeep!!

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