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Irvin Berlin

As a Child Irvin Berlin sang for pennies on street corner in New York ,but when he died in 1989,he left behind an unequaled legacy of music and theater innovation .

Born in 1888,Isreal Blaine came to America as a Russian -Jewish immigrant with his parents, and at the age of five  ,he was on the streets of New york helping the family earn food money with his singing .His first published song was 1907 at the age of 19 and he is first Blockbuster hit came in 1911 with Alexandra's Ragtime Band ." During his life ,he composed more than thousand songs, complete scores for 19 Broadway shows and music for dozen movies.

Irving Berlin was also an astute businessman  who started the Berlin music 

corporation ,controlled own his copyrights,opened the Music Box ( an innovative New york theater) devoted to musical plays ), and established foundation for creating artists and musicians.

His musical innovations ranged  from syncopations of rag time  and jazz to composing  "God Bless America " -a song many Americans regards as unofficial national anthem .Berlin was of the few to write both his own lyrics and music ,and the performed  in several productions.However ,he only played piano in the keys ,Of  F-sharp,and because so many scores had to be written in other keys ,he had a special piano developed to transpose his compositions automatically to other keys.

Until a few months before his death ,Berlin  still called in to his office at Berlin Music Corporation.

His achievement 
 *an organization founder

His Strength or Motivational message 


*high self-steam
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