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As One survey which is done in u.s.a that is about how much student have  their own  Goal . only 3% student have their own goal and rest 97% of student doesn't have  their own goal that's why many student after his completion graduate not get proper direction in his life .
"Without Goal How student's suffer in his life:-" 

*Doesn't know where wants to go

*Doesn't know what he have to do

* Always demotivated

*low -confident towards any work n situation 

*Always Blaming other's peoples surrounding them.


*  That type of student's think about  job seeker

*After that he or she all blames of failure to his surroundings  and friends n family

"IF Students Having Goal in his Life:-"



*Think  for new creation for his own  surroundings

*high self-respect.

*highest energy level towards his goal.
*Always try to stay motivated .
*click this video to see how to develop the leader ship it is possible when you have own goal.

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